BioBright enables data-driven scientific discovery.

DarwinSync automatically uploads your scientific data - from any instrument - and makes it available for search, analysis, and discovery.

The BioBright platform was designed with security and privacy in mind and scales to millions of files.


Lab equipment connected via pink and orange lines to a computer monitor showing the DarwinSync logo

Any equipment, any manufacturer

Download, extract, and centralize data of any file format from your lab equipment

Automatic and behind the scenes

DarwinSync is designed to be seamless and transparent within existing research workflows

Capture and Secure

  • Sync any file type or equipment log
  • Secure end-to-end encyption for files in transfer and at rest
  • Integrate with your electronic lab notebook partners

Analyze & Search

  • Metadata extraction for over 200 file formats, revealing hidden equipment settings,
    reagents used, timed steps, and more
  • Search all your files and metadata
  • Access equipment error logging and analytics
  • API access to run searches and retrieve files


  • Machine learning to enhance data analysis or core equipment functionality
  • Voice-enabled search, notes and equipment operation
  • Natural language processing to reveal trends and enhance search
  • Data visualization and dashboards

What are people saying about BioBright?

Lab of the Future

Dotmatics has acquired BioBright to create a unified offering that will help our customers accelerate their journey towards the Lab of the Future. Automate your laboratory data workflows and provide a modern data foundation for next-generation scientific data management and AI/ML driven analytics.

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Lab equipment connected via pink and orange lines to a computer monitor showing the DarwinSync logo

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