BioBright Solution for Integrated Lab Data Informatics

Seamless workflows to capture and analyze instrument outputs in lab informatics systems

From Instruments to ELN

BioBright Results that need to be captured in an ELN or assay data management system are often derived from raw data generated by instruments. In organizations where there is still a missing link between the instrument outputs and the ELN, scientists gather and load files manually; by exporting from a LIMS, browsing network shares, or even by physical file transfer on USB keys. This is time consuming and prone to error, and bad data can drive incorrect decisions. As the scale and complexity of instrument data continues to grow exponentially, manual processing of any kind is becoming unsustainable.

The Dotmatics BioBright solution fully automates the process of acquiring and processing instrument data wherever it is located. Files and results are stored in a secure data vault and then transmitted to the ELN or assay data management systems to drive analysis. The entire process becomes automated, real-time and free from error

Your Challenges

Can You...

Easily get data from instrument files into experiments?

Can you get your instrument data and results into ELN experiments with a simple click of a button?

Do you have to gather all files manually, from the four corners of the lab, hunt through network drives? Are you forced to move files with USB sticks? Do you have to organize file sets and extract the data by hand, before you can enter it into your experiments?

Automate high-throughput experiment analysis?

Is your high-throughput lab data automated so that experiment records are created and analyzed as it is created?

Are you struggling to keep up with analyzing an overwhelming volume of experiments? Do you have to manually create experiments in disparate systems before you can assemble and load the instrument data necessary to determine the results?

Easily access complete data to support decision making?

Is it easy to find your experimental results, the associated experiments and all underlying raw data sets? Is it easy to drill down to find the right data needed to validate hypotheses?

Are final results, experiments and raw data all stored in separate, isolated data silos?

Be sure your AI/ML models are driven by clean data?

Are you confident that all the data feeding your AI/ML models are clean and free from error? Are you planning to use your data as key evidence for your regulatory filing? How was data custody assured?

Are manual data processes used at any point between collection from instruments through to determination of experimental outcomes? If so, can you be certain that those processes are consistent and free from inadvertent error?


With BioBright you can

  • The Dotmatics BioBright solution automatically
    • Captures instrument files
    • Extracts the data and metadata, include hidden metadata
    • Stores the raw files and results in a secure data lake
  • From the Dotmatics ELN, a scientist can browse directly into the BioBright repository
  • Selected files are loaded directly into the ELN
  • Files are processed and rendered according to type e.g. excel spreadsheets , chemical structure SDF files, sequence files …
  • Files are available via RESTFul API – automatic, secure and lossless
  • The Dotmatics BioBright solution automatically
    • Captures instrument files
    • Extracts the data and metadata
    • Stores the raw files and results in a secure data lake
    • Capturing a set of files (e.g. assay results from a plate reader) automatically triggers creation of a new experiment in the assay data management system
    • Plate data is sent into the new experiment automaticall, without any human intervention required
    • Calculations such as curve fits and curve classifications are automatically triggered
    • No manual experiment creation, data loading or analysis. The assay scientist is presented with a completed experiment to review and refine
    • Files are available via RESTFul API – automatic, secure and lossless
  • Fully automated data processing from instrument to experiment eliminates human error and ensures clean data are feeding your AI/ML models
  • Full datasets that contain raw files, parsed data, results and analysis are easy to access for decision support and drill down
  • Datasets creation rules are customizable. Want a dataset that is automatically created based on your custom business or workflow rules, this system allows it


This solution consists of

  • Darwin Sync client installs on PCs connected to instruments, in the cloud or at CROs
  • Encrypts files and securely uploads to the cloud
  • Direct API connections for instrument software platforms (e.g. Empower, Unicorn etc)
  • Stores files in a secure data lake on the cloud
  • Search and browse for files
  • Parse and extract data and metadata from file and non-file based systems
  • Define and apply QA/QC workflows to the data
  • Build lightweight dashboards and visualization apps for operational insights
  • Rapidly integrate data into other applications via BioBright’s API-first approach (e.g. ELN, image analysis, assay data management, …)

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