Dotmatics BioBright discuss role of digital biosecurity in defending the global bioeconomy

BIO-ISAC founded

BIO-ISAC founded to protect and build resilience from increasing attacks on public and private bioeconomy infrastructure

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Dotmatics BioBright discuss role of digital biosecurity in defending the global bioeconomy

BioAnalysis Cyber Hackathon (BACH) at DEF CON 29

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and BioBright are hosting the BioAnalysis Cyber Hackathon (BACH) at DEF CON 29. This August, BACH brings together cyber-minded teams with biology-minded teams to understand bio analysis hardware and specialized workflows and to develop creative ideas to defend these systems.

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From Buffer-Overflowing Genomic Tools to Securing Biomedical File Formats

We describe a previously unreported buffer overflow vulnerability in popular genomics alignment software package BWA. We show how this exploit, combined with well-known attacks allows an attacker to access and modify patient data and manipulate genomic tests. This class of attacks constitutes a wider threat to global biomedical infrastructure and what a newly-formed team from Sandia National Labs and BioBright are doing about it.

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Science Under Scrutiny: The Problem of Reproducibility

“There’s this fundamental tension between doing an experiment and documenting the experiment,” says Charles Fracchia, who is trying to increase the detail and depth of experiment logs in biomedicine through his company BioBright.


AI for Science and Innovation

Our CEO was invited to share his expert opinion on the role of artificial intelligence and digital technologies in science and innovation with the OECD. A video of his remarks is available here.

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Unlocking the Potential: Reconsidering Lab Data

“So everywhere from log files of dispensers, to calibration information of a plate reader, to historical data for the same compounds, we bring in, so you can ask those questions and then display it on a ‘mission control’ view.”

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DARPA and NYU Press Release

"BioBright, [...] has improved the accuracy of a delicate laboratory technique by more than 20 times in the first deployment of its tools in a working laboratory.

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TEDx Beacon Street

Creating the smart laboratory tools of the future that tackle the $28 Billion per year reproducibility crisis in biomedical research.

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Fixing the Lab Reproducibility Crisis

"BioBright strives to augment human ability to do science in the lab with voice assistance that recognizes biomedical research terms and the use of augmented reality tools."

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Innovators Under 35

"In light of the impossibility of automating certain tasks, the entrepreneur Charles Fracchia proposes a complementary approach [...] a hardware and software platform that passively registers the activity within the laboratory, arranges it chronologically and displays the data through a single interface."

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Podcast: On a new breed of biologists

"In this new episode of the Hardware Podcast—which features our first discussion focusing specifically on synthetic biology—David Cranor and I talk with Charles Fracchia, an IBM Fellow at the MIT Media Lab and founder of the synthetic biology company BioBright."

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Context-Aware Biological Research

"He develops software and hardware allowing to put a biology experience in context by measuring and recording a number of data linked to parameters that could impact the way the experience is running. Efficiency, timeliness and reproducibility, doing experiments in biology could enter a new era."

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Open Hardware for Open Science

"It is projects like this, especially if created as Open Hardware, which have the potential to change the Open Science game in Biomedical Research. [...] Charles and his team are committed to this mission and are taking things beyond academia and into the real world."

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